Speech of the Week: David Cameron, the UK & the EU

On 26 January, 2013, in Blog, Speech of the Week, by Ingenia

Prime Minister Cameron made public his vision about the future relationship between the United Kigdom and the European Union. The road map is based on a British membership referenda -if the Torys win the 2015 General Election. An small political trick on Foreign Affairs but explained for indoor reasons that will strength -even more- the [...]

An inside look to Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy Communication

On 3 June, 2012, in Blog, Communication, Spain, Leadership, by Ingenia

If we observe Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy First 100 days in Office, we’ll reach a consensus on the images that will frame his legislature, also his silences. Sara Gonzàlez from Catalan Newspaperl Diari ARA, asked us about “Mr. Rajoy? Communication” (In Catalan Language). Diari ARA: Com comunica el president Rajoy? View more documents from [...]

Speech of the Week: Margaret Thatcher

On 13 February, 2012, in Blog, Speech of the Week, by Aleix Cuberes

Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher Great Speech at the 1982 Tory Conference: Security, Nuclear & Conventional Weapons, Soviets … but also humour. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6