History passing by infront of us: USA and Cuba

On 19 December, 2014, in Blog, Leadership, by Ingenia

  This week we saw History passing by, almost touching and sensing it. Also witnesed the nobelty and spirit of a particular way of understanding , feeling and crafting Politics. The daily life in the Public Service today can be described as a permanent theater of exageration, noise and absurd gestures; full of disappointments and [...]

Speech of the Week: Pope Francis

On 27 July, 2013, in Blog, Speech of the Week, by Ingenia

As a Head of State and Spiritual Leader, Pope Francis (Argentinian and Jesuit) was unveiled to the World and began building his leadership with his own Attitudes, Gestures, Images, Words and Deeds that marked the beginning of a new stage in the Vatican. From his social “inaugural”, and within a few months, the perceptions the [...]