Mexican presidential candidates in the Tercer Grado

On 9 June, 2012, in Blog, Communication, Media, Mexico, by Ingenia

In a month Mexicans will decide who will be the next president and the media is obviously following the evolution of each of the candidate but also being a decisive actor. Being television what people consume the most to decide his/her vote to analyze the performance of the candidates with the opinion leaders is crucial. [...]

The First Debate for Los Pinos

On 8 May, 2012, in Leadership, Mexico, by Ingenia

On Sunday May 6 had place the first debate between all the presidential candidates in Mexico. The event already had quite controversial before is started thanks to a national chain, TV Azteca, that decided not to show the debate live as it gave priority to their interests in broadcasting a soccer game. This in the [...]

The mistakes of Josefina

On 29 March, 2012, in Blog, Mexico, by Ingenia

Now in Mexico the Federal Electoral Institute has prohibit to make campaigning until March 31º , or well at least they ask to because the presidential candidates have been quite busy this days, especially the PAN candidate Josefina Vazquez Mota. His primary campaign showed that she could become the best electoral alternative to the candidacy [...]