The 7 Key States in U.S.A.

On 4 November, 2012, in Blog, by Ingenia

One of the things that had most amazed the european world since the XIX Century has been the way that the politic machinery works in the U.S.A. This year is election year and the machinery has been active for more than a year now and a lot of State have already their favorite but the [...]

Venezuela & the Future of the Revolution

On 24 October, 2012, in Communication, Leadership, by Ingenia

In recent years we have been witness with great awe how Latin America has risen from the ashes and has been placed as preferred market for the United States and Europe to tackle the global crisis. For example President-elect Enrique Peña Nieto gave Spain a lifeline for Galician economy closing a multimillion dollar project to [...]

Euskadi Elections: An “indecent” debating proposal

On 22 August, 2012, in Blog, Leadership, Basque Country, by Ingenia

Distinguished candidates: Patxi López, Íñigo Urkullu, Laura Mintegui, Antonio Basagoiti, Mikel Arana y Gorka Merino: A few hours ago we knew the early elections announcement scheduled for October 31 (video in Spanish and Basque Language): Source: Moving towards that date, a new time for citizens -increasingly tired and away from the #oldpolitics- has come. This [...]

Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign xrayed

On 21 June, 2012, in Blog, US Election, by Ingenia

April and May have clouded over almost two-years of positive & continued growing on the job creation figures in the US. It hasn’t been an obstacle for president Obama’s campaign to surpise and to shake the chessboard and the political players putting on the table the birth control, the same sex equal pay, the gay [...]

Santorum for President

On 13 March, 2012, in Blog, US Election, Leadership, by Ingenia

The Republican Primary is far form over. We are witnessing the window for new debates that will adjust the nomination in the Tampa Convention. The focus now are on immigration, religion and contraception. These thanks to the laws created like the ones in Arizona , the conversion of Jews to Mormons and Limbaugh’s comments on [...]

After the PAN primary …

On 14 February, 2012, in Blog, Mexico, by Ingenia

“Vote with Freedom” plus the strength that gives the image of The woman in the institutions has overcome two major weights of the Party. The first, former Secretary of Finance, Ernesto Cordero, who took advantage of his good performance in office offering the PAN members a need to elect a man who understood the economy [...]