The 7 Key States in U.S.A.

On 4 November, 2012, in Blog, by Ingenia

One of the things that had most amazed the european world since the XIX Century has been the way that the politic machinery works in the U.S.A. This year is election year and the machinery has been active for more than a year now and a lot of State have already their favorite but the [...]

Venezuela & the Future of the Revolution

On 24 October, 2012, in Communication, Leadership, by Ingenia

In recent years we have been witness with great awe how Latin America has risen from the ashes and has been placed as preferred market for the United States and Europe to tackle the global crisis. For example President-elect Enrique Peña Nieto gave Spain a lifeline for Galician economy closing a multimillion dollar project to [...]

Mitt Romney & the Hispanic Vote

On 5 October, 2012, in Blog, by Ingenia

The Latino vote has been gaining fame during the last election as “The Sleeping Giant”. The reason is that these minority haw finally been transformed in the one that causes a greater impact on the election results and therefore it’s getting mucho more importance in the candidates speeches to gain their votes. This attractive sector [...]

Euskadi Elections: An “indecent” debating proposal

On 22 August, 2012, in Blog, Leadership, Basque Country, by Ingenia

Distinguished candidates: Patxi López, Íñigo Urkullu, Laura Mintegui, Antonio Basagoiti, Mikel Arana y Gorka Merino: A few hours ago we knew the early elections announcement scheduled for October 31 (video in Spanish and Basque Language): Source: Moving towards that date, a new time for citizens -increasingly tired and away from the #oldpolitics- has come. This [...]

And now… Peña

On 7 July, 2012, in Blog, by Ingenia

Mexican elections have been celebrated in a natural mood, mood which now has been transformed into a storm, a storm that various sectors of civil society expected. But there are still issues to face after the election, like if the Institutional Revolutionary Party back to the old totalitarian adventures? if Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador will [...]

A look into #Yosoy132

On 22 June, 2012, in Blog, by Ingenia

In lees of 15 days Mexico will held its presidential elections and define a new direction toward it politic system. The most important issue in the campaign had noose been the war on drugs as the central problem because it has been replaced by how the private media creates the identities that will create the [...]