Speech of the Week: Bill Clinton on the 50 anniversary of the “March on Washington”

On 7 September, 2013, in Blog, Speech of the Week, Leadership, by Ingenia

50 years after that -not fulfilled- dream, presidents Carter, Clinton and Obama came together to pay tribute to Reverend King, to his speech and to the Civil Rights Movement. Events like this one dignify Nations, as well as reconcile the People with their Yesterday, their History and their Leaders. Emotional and very powerful sounded moments. Looking back [...]

Speech of the Week: President Richard Nixon’s resignation

On 10 August, 2013, in Blog, Speech of the Week, by Ingenia

To walk away from power it must not be easy, nearly after 30 years in Public Office, neither when the leader is on top. Imagining the decompression process, we believe it should not be easy at all, especially with the fact of exiting “on the back door“, But that is not what President Nixon shows [...]

Speech of the Week: Pope Francis

On 27 July, 2013, in Blog, Speech of the Week, by Ingenia

As a Head of State and Spiritual Leader, Pope Francis (Argentinian and Jesuit) was unveiled to the World and began building his leadership with his own Attitudes, Gestures, Images, Words and Deeds that marked the beginning of a new stage in the Vatican. From his social “inaugural”, and within a few months, the perceptions the [...]

Speech of the Week: Malala Yousafzai at the UN

On 13 July, 2013, in Blog, Speech of the Week, by Ingenia

Malala became a global icon, the day the Taliban shot indiscriminately against children waiting to get into the school, at the Swat valley in Pakistan. She was seriously wounded and received treatment in different hospitals on the region and was moved to London -where she was godparented by Sarah Brown, Gordon Brown’s former Primer Minister [...]

Speech of the Week: Tony Blair at the Irish Parliament

On 6 July, 2013, in Blog, Speech of the Week, by Ingenia

One of the conflicts which defined the 20th Century’s Europe. Two irreconciliable worlds, but through the words, empathy, generosity and the will of looking further, they build Peace.   To make the process succeed it required time, different people, new approaches and fresh ideas and also a new leadership. It’s fair to recognize the valuable [...]

Speech of the Week: Nelson Mandela, Harvard, 1998

On 29 June, 2013, in Blog, Speech of the Week, by Ingenia

On September 18th, 1998, Harvard was the must stop of Nelson Mandela‘s final Official US trip, as a president. The Academic Institution payed him tribute honoring him with an honorific Doctorate.   The essential, beautiful and humane -opening and closing- anecdotes marked off madiba’s path of words. When the connection with the auditorium is due [...]

Speech of the Week: JFK, Frankfurt, 1963

On 22 June, 2013, in Blog, Speech of the Week, by Ingenia

On June 25th 1963, president Kennedy visited Frankfurt, the day before the “Ich bin ein Berliner” speech. At the Hall of the historical Sant Paul’s Church (Paulskirche) -craddle of the first German legislative body and a essential reference of the Deutsch Constitutionalism), JFK spoke about the political and economical transatlantic partnership, with special interest with [...]

Speech of the Week: JFK vs. Alabama Governor George Wallace

On 15 June, 2013, in Blog, Speech of the Week, by Ingenia

This week it’s been the 50th anniversary of President Kennedy‘s Civil Rights address from the Oval Office in June 11th, 1963.   The US south -mainly Democratic- was a huge stumbling block to overcome in the Civll Rights movement’s struggle: People, Communities and Government’s heart barriers. An example of the institutional front was Alabama’s Governor [...]

Speech of the Week: Robert Francis Kennedy, Day of Affirmation

On 8 June, 2013, in Blog, Speech of the Week, by Ingenia

Last 5th of June, we remembered the 45th anniversary of RFK‘s assassination, at the Hotel Ambassador in LA, celebrating the California Democratic Primary victory, foreseeing the 1968 US Presidential Election. Each year on this day we dedicate it a especial thought.   Almost 2 years before, during a South Africa trip, on June the 6th [...]

Speech of the Week: Oprah at Harvard

On 1 June, 2013, in Blog, Speech of the Week, by Ingenia

It wasn’t the first time Oprah was the keynote speaker at Harvard to join and encourage the recent graduate students and their families in the new post-graduate season. But this time the speech robustly outlined her TV soul key elements: irony, human and hearted stories proving the American dream, also persistence and inspiring vital lessons. [...]