Today: Mexican presidential election

On 1 July, 2012, in Blog, Mexico, by Ingenia

  Today’s Mexican presidential election results will be depicted on: – Such along pre-campaign, especially at PAN headquarters, where the division and internal conflicts between party families has been a permanent sign: artificial electoral coalitions with leftist movements and PRI-against; the clash between the different primary candidates; the power struggle between candidates and the outgoing [...]

A look into #Yosoy132

On 22 June, 2012, in Blog, by Ingenia

In lees of 15 days Mexico will held its presidential elections and define a new direction toward it politic system. The most important issue in the campaign had noose been the war on drugs as the central problem because it has been replaced by how the private media creates the identities that will create the [...]

Mexican presidential candidates in the Tercer Grado

On 9 June, 2012, in Blog, Communication, Media, Mexico, by Ingenia

In a month Mexicans will decide who will be the next president and the media is obviously following the evolution of each of the candidate but also being a decisive actor. Being television what people consume the most to decide his/her vote to analyze the performance of the candidates with the opinion leaders is crucial. [...]

Mexican presidential Election: guide + analytic view

On 1 June, 2012, in Blog, Leadership, Mexico, by Ingenia

Next July 1st, México will choose a new Presidency. @ingenia_pro throught the eyes of @roberto_alvalle has handcrafted a must & useful guide to follow close the final weeks of these elections. Mexican Elections on Prezi Follow @roberto_alvalle

The First Debate for Los Pinos

On 8 May, 2012, in Leadership, Mexico, by Ingenia

On Sunday May 6 had place the first debate between all the presidential candidates in Mexico. The event already had quite controversial before is started thanks to a national chain, TV Azteca, that decided not to show the debate live as it gave priority to their interests in broadcasting a soccer game. This in the [...]

After the PAN primary …

On 14 February, 2012, in Blog, Mexico, by Ingenia

“Vote with Freedom” plus the strength that gives the image of The woman in the institutions has overcome two major weights of the Party. The first, former Secretary of Finance, Ernesto Cordero, who took advantage of his good performance in office offering the PAN members a need to elect a man who understood the economy [...]

The Mexican Presidential Candidates

On 23 January, 2012, in Blog, Mexico, by Ingenia

During the twentieth century Mexico politics was always marked by a very heavy electoral calendar under the maxim “He who moves not appear in the picture” and not be in the picture meant the end of the race for the presidency or any another position of power. The new century also brought a change of politics. Today [...]