Speech of the Week: Pope Francis

On 27 July, 2013, in Blog, Speech of the Week, by Ingenia

As a Head of State and Spiritual Leader, Pope Francis (Argentinian and Jesuit) was unveiled to the World and began building his leadership with his own Attitudes, Gestures, Images, Words and Deeds that marked the beginning of a new stage in the Vatican. From his social “inaugural”, and within a few months, the perceptions the [...]

Speech of the Week: Oprah at Harvard

On 1 June, 2013, in Blog, Speech of the Week, by Ingenia

It wasn’t the first time Oprah was the keynote speaker at Harvard to join and encourage the recent graduate students and their families in the new post-graduate season. But this time the speech robustly outlined her TV soul key elements: irony, human and hearted stories proving the American dream, also persistence and inspiring vital lessons. [...]

Speech of the Week: Sarah Palin, CPAC 2013

On 17 March, 2013, in Blog, Speech of the Week, by Ingenia

Her light was fading little by little; even the now ruling GOP apparatchik ignored and excluded her during the primaries, the Convention and the election post-mortem. But Governor Palin is back with her familiar absolute True; she’s commanding and leadership eagger; willing to make the RNC establishment accountable for the 2012 defeat; hammering president Obama, [...]