Are you an NGO

or a Third Sector Social Interest Association

and need …

- to move towards the empowerment of your employees, customers, creditors, partners & your communities?

- to focus on being transparent and accountable social and environmentaly to increase the trust of your community?

- to build a handcrafted an impeccable reputation and adding values and experiences to your yourself to the company, your brand and your products and services?

- a new approach on Institutional Relations, Public Affairs & Fundraising for grant better conditions for your organization?

- to easy, to streamline & facilitate internal bureaucratic processes, to focus on results?

- to lead Communication in harsh times? Are you ready to face a crisis situation? Would you know how to anticipate it?

- to forsee your Organization in 20-30 years?

We can walk by your side during the hole process

and we offer you…

- context exhaustive research and Public Opinion analysis;

- open_gov_social: impulse & development of empowering tools of volunteers, workers, donors, members, Partners, Creditors, Public Administration, local Communities … to increase their engagement, commitment, fidelity and to arrive to new and more public;

- messatge building, agenda setting & media management;

- handcrafted building of a new image, new brand & and a New Leadership, digial reptuation & presence;

- leading management & crisis Communication, pre-alert systems;

- New approach on Fundraising, Institutional Relations & Public Affairs #triplomacy

Give us a 100 days &

we’ll answer you with results!


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