Are you a Company and need …

- to move towards your shareholders (employees, customers, creditors, suppliers, social and sector agents, and local communities…) empowerment?

- to be transparent, social and environmentally responsible?

- to differentiate your brand, your products and services from the rest of your competitors?

- a handcrafted construction of a New Brand, Image, and a New Leadership and strengthen the public image of your Company?

- a new approach in Institutional Relations and Public Affairs, to defend better your company and industry?

- to ease and to favor agilitzar internal bureaucratic processes, focussing on results and decisions?

- to leading Communication in times of adversity? Are you ready to face a crisis situation? Would you know how and anticipate it?

- to build an perfect reputation and link values and experiences with your Company?

- Have you foreseen your Company in 20-30 years time?

We walk by your side and support you during

the hole process, offering you:

- the most state of the art tools avantgarde on empowering your Company share-holders: customers, workers, stock-holders, suppliers, industry and social agents, local communities… #open_gov_corps:

- a handcrafted public image and New Leadership building: public speaking, mediatrainig, media management, message building, strategic positioning, perfect digital presence & reputation;

- pre-alert, early warning systems, Communication and Crisis Management;

- context research and public opinion analysis;

- Transition expertise;

- First 100 Company Government days design and construction;

- #easygoverning;

- #triplomacy.

… give us a 100 days &

we will answer you with results!


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