We are:

  1. implicated people who observe the vital time of our societies;

  2. optimistic minds we believe in the people’s power to change the World; we have the strong conviction that within Communication and the New Technological paradigm we can reach the answers that challenge our human communities;

  3. New Leadership & Communications rethinking manifesto movement activists , looking for a new way of handcrafitng today’s & tomorrow’s Social, Political & Economic New leadership.

We LOVE our job:

because we have the privilege to combine experience, commitment, enthusiasm & passion - somebody defends also we have talent – in what we get gooseflesh; and as the Ancient Sages defended ingenia pro ceteris -our talent for other things: New Communcation, New Leadership, New Politics; we want to help to improve the way People are related to Governments, Public Administrations, Companies & Politics.

We know & understand:

  • social trends & the context we face;

  • the need of real-time decision making process, afecting different scenarios;

  • the decision making process.

We add:

  • an outlook, reflection and extenal approach;

  • space & time needed of trategic & analytic thinking;

  • 360 focussed strategy & “take away” answers;

  • discretion: “we don’t talk about our clients -they do it for us”.

We love crises: challenging them is our permanent goal. 

We understand that raising voices & protesting -only-

is not enough: get involved is key & vital.

We strongly believe comunication are:

  • Attitudes, Values, New Leadership, Courage, Ethics, Pedagogy;

  • citizenship empowerment;

  • Unifying capacity, multidisciplinar & intersecting abilities, coalition building;

  • listening & People based descision in Governments, Institutions, Enterprises, Organizations & Politics;

  • change engine;

  • transparency requirement (e-gov & o-gov), Will of Service & stand up for decisions;

  • the best answer to the challenges we face as complex societies.

We are not interested at all in “selling”.

The wrapper is important, but content is essential. 

We build value through Images, Words & Speeches, Set designs,

Strategies, Values, Communication & Leadership.

Some souls behind this project:


partner & consultant

Kaixo -hi- I’m Mikel Lasa from Donostia/San Sesbastián -Basque Country- Audiovisual Communication lover. I’ve worked in jouranlism in México, USA & the Basque Country. I help Public Institutions & Governments to Communicate & how they can best serve their citizens. 

Travelling & Real Sociedad soccer team are some of my passions. Mi favorite sentence: “not risking is risky”. 

If you want to know more about me:



partner & consultant

Hello, I’m Aleix and I belive in the honesty & a New way of understanding Politics as serving people. I’m passionate about Campaigns & Governments communication & everything related with leadership. 

You’ll finde me on Political Campaigns & Governments handcrafting & helping with speeches-interviews-public speaking-debate prep, strategy… 

I run away from dogma. I love the Sea. I’m marathonman & traveler. My favorite words: dedication & loyalty.

If you want to know more about me:



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