Mr. Obama goes to La Habana

On 28 March, 2016, in Blog, Communication, Speech of the Week, US Election, Spain, Leadership, by Ingenia

(Photo: A lecture series this March promoted by the Barcelona Athenaeum (Ateneu Barcelonès) proposed a suggestive and provocative question with the title: “War, the diplomacy of the weak?“. The basic question helps us to understand the context and the magnitude of President Obama’s visit to Cuba. If the traditional answer of the American Foreign [...]

President Obama’s 5th SOTU

On 13 February, 2013, in Blog, Speech of the Week, US Election, by Ingenia

President Obama’s 5th SOTU represented a continued zoomed-in format of the 2nd inaugural, from just three weeks ago. The president has begun his influence final countdown. Only 15 months to get done his agenda: with an unprecedented momentum; a weak opposition in Congress was deprived of leadership and a familiar attitude.   As George Lakoff [...]

Obama’s second Term

On 18 January, 2013, in Blog, US Election, by Ingenia

A close look at the #2012 presidential results

On 10 November, 2012, in Blog, US Election, by Ingenia

  3 million -popular- votes and 126 -electoral- votes is the difference between President Obama and Governor Romney. 4 years later and less than 11 million voters (9 millions Democrats and 2 Republicans), the GOP polarization strategy and setting the party on chessboard extremes has been a failure. (Just ask former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown.) [...]

#2012 Campaign Diaries: 1 week and Sandy

On 30 October, 2012, in Blog, Digital society & democracy, US Election, by Ingenia

    In the middle of the permanent deafening noise and daily polls dizziness, both campaigns still obsessed on talking about themselves and unsuccessfully bent to proclaim themselves as winners … when we are one week ahead for the election, the Sandy effects and last-minute surprises. Campaigns to be suspended on the affected states, calls [...]

#2012 Campaign Diaries: 2 weeks left, pre-3rd presidential debate

On 22 October, 2012, in Blog, US Election, by Ingenia

  Going into first debate “without soul” -accidentally or deliberately- is a huge arrogance and frivolity. The best dreamt gift for the opponent’s campaign: one punch able to change the presidential election trend, an attitude that helped to impose the Romney team narrative for -almost- two weeks (the time between the 1st and the 2nd [...]

#2012 Campaign Diaries: 3 weeks – pre 2nd presidential debate

On 16 October, 2012, in Blog, US Election, by Ingenia

  The first episode took us all into a challenger KO and the spectators -67 million American viewers- were sensitive at Governor Romney’s performance. The narrative of a Republican victory is not just a “frenzy” of Mr. Dick Morris, but it’s beginning to be credible, desired and the published polls only accentuate the trend: nationally [...]