Lessons from the Scottish debate

On 7 August, 2014, in Blog, Communication, Digital society & democracy, Leadership, Media, by Ingenia

  Previous: The key public service can not be argued if only the STV airs the debate. Acting like that only demonstrates low confidence, fragility and low self-esteem. And if only alloy the on-line streaming option, then make sure technical issues are not the issue. A crucial moment like this requires a width approach.   [...]

Digital Utopia vs. Digital Cynicism

On 11 April, 2013, in Blog, Communication, Digital society & democracy, by Ingenia

Professor Pipo Serrano invited us to share some ideas and thoughts with his students about the “Digital Society: People, tools and their relation with Governments“. This is the presentation:     And the Talking Points:   Digital Utopia vs. Digital Cynicism, Barcelona, april 8th 2013 from ingenia_pro   It was a very intense, enriching & [...]

“New Public Leadership” Workshop at the ICPS Political Marketing Master Program

On 12 February, 2013, in Blog, Communication, Digital society & democracy, Leadership, by Ingenia

The Institut de Ciències Polítiques i Socials (ICPS)’ Political Marketing Master Program invited us to impart the ”New Public Leadership & a New Politics” on February 1 and 8. They make us feel like Home. We were greatly satisfied with the students eaggerness to create, innovate and change the #oldleadership and the #oldPolitics style. A powerful class.   It [...]

The digital life framing

On 29 November, 2012, in Blog, Digital society & democracy, by Ingenia

Admired Professors Toni Sellas and Pipo Serrano proposed us to share some of our daily work with their students. “Framing Digital” is the title of the session about some thoughts on the Internet freedom, the influence of the digital tools in our daily life and when creating and design political campaigns. A huge hug for Toni [...]

#2012 Campaign Diaries: 1 week and Sandy

On 30 October, 2012, in Blog, Digital society & democracy, US Election, by Ingenia

    In the middle of the permanent deafening noise and daily polls dizziness, both campaigns still obsessed on talking about themselves and unsuccessfully bent to proclaim themselves as winners … when we are one week ahead for the election, the Sandy effects and last-minute surprises. Campaigns to be suspended on the affected states, calls [...]

Speech of the Week: Hillary Rodham Clinton

On 27 October, 2012, in Blog, Digital society & democracy, Speech of the Week, by Ingenia

67th Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, made her cause the Freedom Internet and the “digital” Human Rights. This is the second most important speech series on the issue, after the one addressed in the Newseum in DC.