One of the conflicts which defined the 20th Century’s Europe. Two irreconciliable worlds, but through the words, empathy, generosity and the will of looking further, they build Peace.


To make the process succeed it required time, different people, new approaches and fresh ideas and also a new leadership. It’s fair to recognize the valuable influence of PM John Major and President Clinton; without them nothing had been the same.


It was November 26th, 1998, and the “Good Friday” agreement have reached something that seemed impossible. But still there was long way to go: conditions and time to deploy and transform in reality the Peace agreements, and translate its effects to the People’s daily life.


Walls were defeated, and gestures, so important in the Political Arena, were essential: the first historical visit of the British Prime Minister to Leinster House, Houses of the Oireachtas HQ‘, in a joint session of the Dáil Éireann (the House of Representatives) and the Seanad Éireann (the Senate), was a unique tipping point.


The speech was the one of the greatest days. It was designed overall to reinforce tension down low, wake up smiles at the auditorium and win emotional prejudice. Speaker Seamus Pattison ironic introduction, like Blair, who at the very first beginning of the speech uses words and phrases in gaelic, and follows up with a funny anecdote on a joint press conference with French Prime Minister, Lionel Jospin, were terrific.


The tone of the speech was set in between with high-spirited structure, historical sense of urgency and emotion; through putting oneself on the others shoes, frankness, and breaking stereotypes efforts… summing up: a winning narrative for History.


The ceremony and speech full video (via C-SPAN):



The speech text:


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