Malala became a global icon, the day the Taliban shot indiscriminately against children waiting to get into the school, at the Swat valley in Pakistan. She was seriously wounded and received treatment in different hospitals on the region and was moved to London -where she was godparented by Sarah Brown, Gordon Brown’s former Primer Minister spouse, who at the same time embraced Malala’s cause in favor on the Children’s Education.


The stagery was immaculate and built with gestures and symbolic names marking out the emotional arena of the speech: the first welcoming, Benazir Bhutto‘s shawl, quoting the names of Gandhi, MLK, Teresa of Calcuta -among others. Malala was celebrating the same day her 16th birthday, remembering the World Leaders that Children’s Education is essential and must be a priority of the International Political Agenda.


This is a tender, full of love and generosity speech: a call to action to not forget and win the combat of the tragedy lived silently by milions of childs in their daily live.


The speech video (via Al Jazeera):



The full transcript text:


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