Last 5th of June, we remembered the 45th anniversary of RFK‘s assassination, at the Hotel Ambassador in LA, celebrating the California Democratic Primary victory, foreseeing the 1968 US Presidential Election. Each year on this day we dedicate it a especial thought.


Almost 2 years before, during a South Africa trip, on June the 6th in 1966, Robert gave one of his most important speeches at the University of Cape Town: the “Day of Affirmation” address. A strong review of the fundamentals to understand the Kennedy Family Political Philosophy; not only the past leading characters (John, Robert or Ted) but also the present (Joseph P. Kennedy III).


The speech -from the very first paragraph- jumps into the issue of the Civil Rights movement struggle. Education, injustice, and compassion will be the drivers of the narrative to go across Mankind History, from the Ancient Greece and China, to Latin America and the Communist regimes. A vital aspect to stand out: the call to action and the challenges the new generations face, with the idealistic and hopeful approach which defined the Kennedy Public Speaking and Speeches. Such a jewel:



The full text:


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