This week it’s been the 50th anniversary of President Kennedy‘s Civil Rights address from the Oval Office in June 11th, 1963.


The US south -mainly Democratic- was a huge stumbling block to overcome in the Civll Rights movement’s struggle: People, Communities and Government’s heart barriers. An example of the institutional front was Alabama’s Governor -George Wallace- who impeded -in person- the registration of Black Students at the University of Alabama.


In his speech -and after sending the National Guard to protect the integrity of the Black Students- the President answers the allegations of ambiguity and lukewarmness on a vital problem in the American society. JFK spoke for the first time of “moral issue“and his determination to end segregation. This speech shows the fundamentals of the Civil Rights legislation the US Congress will pass on 1964, with the president murdered.


The speech’ audio:



The full transcript text:



The New York Times dedicated one of its Opinion highlights during this past week.

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