The most Republican issue ever; the debate where Democrats usually speak with fear; the growing pressure of the Civil Rights movement with a more energized voice – paradoxically inside the GOP: Security and Defense.

After the difficult -scandals- week (Benghazi’s resurrection, the AP journalists wire and the IRS activities), and the Department of Justice release admitting drones attack have caused 4 US citizens casualties, the President spoke to lead the public debate focusing on sensible issues.

At the National Defense University, Obama staged the three present and future terrorism threats:

- The Middle-East and African Al-Qaeda franchises;

- US Embassies, Companies and interests abroad vulnerability;

- and the internal radicalism and extremism;

He also gear up the main debate: “drones vs. civil liberties” (Who is targeted and Why, the civilian casualties, the legality in attacks on US soil and abroad, the accountability and the morale issues). He didn’t say anything about the future when drone access be more “horizontal” for foreign countries and other organizations.

He referred the journalists wires and GTMO, which rouse the tension with the audience when the president was interrumpted three times (from minutes 48:30, 50 and 53) for the same person who was demanding concrete actions in this issue.

The way of handling hecklers (attitudes and response) it’s always a good Public Leadership test.

The Speech:

The full text:

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