Speech of the Week: Eric Cantor

On 2 March, 2013, in Blog, Speech of the Week, by Ingenia

The 112th US Congress has been the worst popular on HIstory, until today and the 113th has started its term just two months ago.

Within a comfortable Republican Majority since 2010, its mission was to minimize the changes of president Barack Obama’s re-election; to beat him in the “fiscal cliff” negotiations and now pointing at him as the “sequester” true responsible, allowing Federal Government budget cuts. The first two were failed, we’ll see about the third.

House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor, is one of the souls leading the GOP right now when their fragility is more evident. This is his speech at the American Enterprise Institute where he draws the Republican strategy for the next years: same ideas and faces? (via C-span).

Must and masterful Ryan Lizza‘s article about Cantor at the New Yorker, to understand de decisions of the last months (article & audio with the Cantor interview).

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