How Political Parties face the Spanish “State of the Nation” debate?


They live the most moral disengagement and emotional distance with people, never experienced before. The attitudes of the “alpha party” (Enric Juliana): arrogance, castlement and excessive testosterone and noise -almost- seem to have encourage the entire parliamentary spectrum.


The severity, discomfort and tension in the street, unfortunately won’t find any antidotes neither answers in the upcoming. The environment is based on tension, screams and friendly attitudes are forgotten. These images can serve as an example:



This is not attributed to a single party attitudes style. The former president of Congress, would have reacted the same way. It’s so sad. Spanish political culture is still very primitive and primal.


Contrasting with this “savoir faire” we know what happens in the -so geographically close and yet so unknown- Portuguese society. It seems that wherever the dignity of the fit of opposing views within the institutions is more respectful, cultural, moral and emotional.



We still have a long way to learn …!



What will the DEN 2013 finally become?

Most of all offensive accusations, and that absurd staging of hoolingans applause when the respective leader makes a point or just puts his finger in the eye to the adversary.


Prime Minister Rajoy and his team seize this debate not as an opportunity to change the narrative, stop the bleeding and start building again, but as a “bad show up which must be passed as soon as possible”. Exposing the leader equals to fragility and danger. So the soul of speech will be full of castled, isolation and closing ranks attitudes in a defensive and a damage control mode. No new ideas, neither announcemets are expected.

The Bárcenas affair will fly throughout the debate. So repeating the same strategy adopted on the February 2nd hearing before the Executive Committee of the party it won’t be a smart move. Looking into another way when a discredit and corruption tsunami is coming to you isn’t either a brave attitude.

Although there are two and a half years of the government term left, Prime Minister and his cabinet are moving towards erosion without brakes. La Moncloa is still hoping for the second part of the term to recover economic indicators, social peace and relieve. But the surprises that will come along the Barcenas affair and the increasing internal tension and division will endanger these hopes.

If Prime Minister Rajoy remains bunkered and hidden, any attempt to build credibility and trust around him will be useless. Prime minister’s reputation – until todya- shows Mr. Rajoy wont’ seek reelection in 2015. Gestures are not expected referred to the Catalonan process, on the contrary, it seems to be the security shield of the Popular Party leader.


PSOE: When opposition is unable to articulate a public discourse connecting and empathizing with social movements that says much of the political opposition health. The emergence of the movement lead by Ada Colau (People affected with mortgages movement) in Congress last week stages the view of the opposition disconnected from the street-reality.

PSOE is still looking for solid references from which to build a new leadership, new attitudes and a new narrative for the future. Spanish social democrats know they have also have paid off their leadership.

Rubalcaba’s intervention (tone, attitude, speech, dramatic effects…) faces a two way street challenge: “more of the same is a defeat” and ” not addressing the People will be a Government victory”. Will he seek forgiveness for abandoning the ideological causes in the past? Is there any chance to surprise and innovate with his speech?



CiU and PNV will continue acting as spokespersons of the respective governments. It will be interesting to see the contrast between the Catalan Duran i Lleida seeking compromise with the Spanish Government ant the traditional Basque style from the new spokesperson Aitor Esteban.



What about the -with all due respect- the folkiest parties?

The Plural Left (IU), UPyD and the Catalan Republican Left will scream & shout when wisdom and empathy are more required and needed. (I’d love to be mistaken at this point). IU is looking forward to be PSOE’s real alternative. So does Rosa Díez with the ruling party (PP).



What should #2013DEN be for?

  • For self-criticism: old Politics is not giving the best example.
  • For forging common responses and -strong & ethical- commitments against the impunity of those who abuse their position.
  • Fior articulating an alternative in Europe against the anaemic austerity, which causes suffering, misery and social exclusion.
  • For showing citizens that there is a -possible- New Politics: respecting people, generous to his opponents, real, seductive, generating consensus, without clamor, without revenge or putting fingers in the eyes.



@aleixcuberes is an @ingenia_pro consultant

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