Iván Dominguez from La Sexta Notícias -Channel News division- invite us to poor some ideas and reflections about the tarnished legacy the new generation of young politicians will inherit from current leaders. A fascinating challenge and issue.

Here are some ideas about the raised question:

1. The Political Partisanship has occupied the entire public arena: not only political, also economic, financial and cultural, leaving an almost empty space for civil society organizations beyond the traditional parties.


2. Underneath the loss of prestige, distrust and delegitimize of politics there are MPs, CongressMen/Women, Town Councilors and Public Officials honest having the conviction to work for the People.


3. Today’s Politics -still- is governed by the same standards by which the feudal Lords of the Middle Ages made their decisions. Paradoxically, the democratic transition is still pending in the leadership of political organizations.


4. Thee current context is characterized by several overlapping realities:

  • Governments and Institutions with a political agenda collapsed, with little ability to react and visible results;
  • An increasingly fading away Society from traditional political universe while at the same time seeking a more active role and making their voices heard in the legislative processes, willing to monitor closely policies, demanding greater transparency mandates and willing to be treated as an adult like it is;
  • A technological paradigm shift that draw a much more complex new reality while allowing an aged 15 person with just two clicks to upload images that can destroy the reputation of any person, specially public people;

… The navigation road and the relationship of influence and power are blurred between Politics and Citizens and must be adapted to a new reality: today power structures are very fragile if they are built on the backs of citizens.


5. Politics must be updated, more accessible and inclusive in their own internal organization and build a new loyal relationship with people, in opposition and in government.


6. Spanish political culture tolerates an opposition style based on kill and destroy opponents: a finger in the eye, “… you lie…”, “… fuck them …”. The crying noise and insults at the government control sessions or at the state of the nation debate can reinforce and mobilize voters and supporters themselves but alienates, independent voters, and expel leaders from the leadership idea: exemplary, moral, emotional leadership, so much needed today.

After yelling and insulting comes the emptiness and the feeling of alienation from the public who do not understand anything and gets away from politics.

The harsh opposition Mariano Rajoy did – inspired by the attitude and strategy of the most orthodox and radical US Republicans – has turned against his credibility, leadership skills and the ability to generate empathy and trust between voters, like a boomerang.

If President Rajoy had more gratitude, respect and empathy with the opponents and the public today he would count with more hands, arms and support to lean on, but even the law remind us the president has an absolut majority, he did not feel the loneliness of the Congress platform to announce last week tough measures.

The need for easy headlines, ridiculing the opponent to exhaustion end and cornering and KOing him, is not for free. Then the newspaper archives will handle the rest.

Politics is not about superheroes or a perfect leadership: is about human beings who ask forgiveness for mistakes & excesses committed; is about to smile and self laugh; to touch and embrace a little more and the most important: less testosterone, the female outlook will also help.


7. The Quest of a moral and emotional Leadership.

Baumann identified the liquidity of contemporary Western societies. Exactly the same with today’s leaders: are vacuous, empty and artificial, unfitted for seduction or unable to resist the tidal complexity of these times.

Every time we feel more orphans of leadership and concerning the same time the Government doors open to accountants, managers and bureau-technocrats. This situation threatens the legitimacy of the democratic system.

One solution is to build a new moral and emotional leadership from below citizen, committed and identified with causes, uncomplexed. More Pep Guardiolas are needed.


8. A #NewLeadership and a #NewPolitics must go through some of the following ingredients:

  • Humility, exemplary and honesty, not lying;
  • Apologize for mistakes and excesses;
  • Listen more than talk; dialogue, not monologue;
  • Get results done;
  • Abandon the absurd, exhausting and meaningless statements wars – the news media soundbites; talk directly to the voters and in positive mode through the media.
  • Less office and official car and a lot more real-street politics; Street is not only for campaigning, but governing; the markets must be visited permanently to understand the pulse of the real-common people;
  • Step and stand up and not hide, do not give the impression that a leader prefers to attend a football game and celebrate goals of the National team, to step up in Parliament and speak to People;
  • Unite, not divide; smile, not twitching;
  • Make a decent, loyal opposition without tension or harassing the division or confrontation;
  • Citizen interest before partisan and sectarian interest;
  • The shape is still important, but the background and the soul is much more so.


So here’s how the news channel delivered the the information on Sunday evening (from minute 20, in Spanish):



An special thanks to Iván Domínguez and the @SextaNoticias team.

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