Economic Affairs Second Vice-President and Secretary of Economy, Enrique Fuentes Quintana, appeared in prime-time in front the Spanish TV (TVE), 3 days after sworn office, July 8th 1977, explaining the Spanish difficult economic times and the decisions to be made in the following weeks.

His professoral and humble tone, but solemn and secured, transformed his words into a accountable transparent exercise and a leadership gesture icon on a hard times.

His prestiged voice and his experience became a mileston at the time of Crisis Communication. 35 years from now, his attitude and determination would have to inspire today’s Officials who must annouce status quo challengint difficult decisons.


One Response to Speech of the Week: Enrique Fuentes Quintana – “It’s the Economy time” (in Spanish)

  1. marimeco says:

    Un discurso claro que debia servir de ejemplo al PP actual

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