In a month Mexicans will decide who will be the next president and the media is obviously following the evolution of each of the candidate but also being a decisive actor. Being television what people consume the most to decide his/her vote to analyze the performance of the candidates with the opinion leaders is crucial.

Tercer Grado is a debate show where different opinion leaders of various ideological signs, analyze the three leading candidates message and we could see perfectly the character of each one of them. Leopoldo Gomez, Lopez Doriga The Teacher, Denise Maerker, Loret de Mola, Ciro Gomez Leyva and Carlos Marin for over an hour and a half faced the three leading candidates in a very heated debate.

The first to go through the analysts was the PAN candidate Josefina Vazquez Mota. Her speech was, as always, less elaborate and did not added any value to her campaign. Therefore now she is placed at third place. We have already mentioned that the errors in the organization could hurt her but his lack of clarity and forcefulness were certainly much worse. It is true that the other candidates are not as strong but the female candidates are required to show greater strength as Beatriz Paredes. If we could summarize her intervention in Tercer Grado it would be an emphasis in the joy that caused the questioning of her policies (she always started saying “i love that question” or “im glad that you bring that on”).

The PRI candidate is certainly the best in how to communicate and making his message clear in face to face situations. Comfortable with the camera he tried to address to #Yosoy132 collective.He could not yet fully explain his relationship with Montiel and was definitely the best scenario that could have ended this issue.In a same way of the first debate he evaded the explanation of the death of Paulette, a case that appeared in the debate and all thanks to the campaign of the PRD.
“Stay in the Message.” was the definition of his intervention and this made him unique because unlike the other two candidates, Peña is playing to keep his advantage that shows him as the next president.

Undoubtedly the most heated and most expected show was the one with Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador aka AMLO. His intervention contained much more issues because AMLO throughout the campaign had spent much of his speech against the traditional channels of information of which the majority of mexicans are bombed. AMLO did not introduced this issue, it has the media itself showing an independent study which showed the presence of AMLO in the media, disarticulating AMLO´s complaint that Peña is a manufactured candidate.

The Data War between the candidate and the media was intense, it should be noted that the data that AMLO gave did not include the sources therefore are not accessible.
Doriga and Loret de Mola made a kind of alliance in defense of a nonpartisan Televisa while Trujillo and Maerke defined themselves and indicated the independence of their analysis. The debate showed constant tension in which the sarcastic laughter of the journalist about of AMLO theories of secret conspiracy against him marked the debate.

Like Pena, AMLO did not leaved this central message and therefore his intervention has a continuous reading that began with his book “Mexico and the 2012″ and MORENA.

They have already completed the three most important interventions and on Sunday we expect the second presidential debate in which EPN will try to maintain its leading points in the polls while Josephine will try to catch up the second place.

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